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Gene Summers 
Scotty Moore
Bill Haley and The Comets
Everyone remembers George Jones
& The Possum
But do you remember

If you define 'entertainer'... you will find 
When he stepped on stage, the show stepped up!
​Fun music, fun times, & still is...

Rockin' the way to the top of the charts... 
 Here are some that made it way on up the charts and they just might again!  Rock it!

  1. Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins
  2. Baby Let's Play House - Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill
  3. One Hand Loose - Charlie Feathers With Jody and Jerry
  4. Good Rockin' Tonight - Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill
  5. Matchbox - Carl Perkins
  6. The Train Kept A-Rollin' - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
  7. Bottle To The Baby - Charlie Feathers With Jody and Jerry
  8. That's All Right - Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill
  9. Red Hot - Billy Riley / Robert Gordon with Link Wray
10. Tear It Up - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
11. Race With The Devil - Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps
12. Rock and Roll Ruby - Warren Smith
13. Rock Billy Boogie - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio / Robert Gordon
14. Boppin' The Blues - Carl Perkins
15. Ooby Dooby - Roy Orbison
16. Flyin' Saucers Rock And Roll - Billy Riley / Robert Gordon with Link Wray
17. Honey Don't - Carl Perkins
18. Fujiyama Mama - Wanda Jackson
19. Mystery Train - Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill
20. Honey Hush - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
21. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby - Carl Perkins
22. Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill
23. Ubangi Stomp - Warren Smith
24. All Mama's Children - Carl Perkins
25. Rock This Town - Stray Cats
26. Stutterin' Papa - Buck Griffin
27. Sag, Drag and Fall - Sid King and the Five Strings
28. Rockin' Daddy - Sonny Fisher / Eddie Bond
29. Grandaddy's Rockin' - Mac Curtis
30. Dixie Fried - Carl Perkins
31. B-I-Bickey-Bi, Bo-Bo-Go - Gene Vincent and His Bluecaps
32. Lonesome Train - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
33. Hoy Hoy - Collins Kids
34. Twenty Flight Rock - Eddie Cochran
35. Tongue-Tied Jill - Charlie Feathers With Jody and Jerry
36. Flip Flop Mama - Eddie Bond
37. Rock Around With Ollie Vee - Buddy Holly
38. Sweet Love On My Mind - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
39. Hip Shakin' Mama - Jack Cochran
40. Woman Love - Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps
41. If I Had Me A Woman - Mac Curtis
42. Cast Iron Arm - Peanuts Wilson
43. Black Slacks - Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones
44. Baby She's Gone - Jack Scott
45. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
46. Duck Tail - Rudy Grayzell / Joe Clay
47. Gone, Gone, Gone - Carl Perkins
48. Wild Wild Women - Johnny Carroll
49. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Roy Hall
50. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone - Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill

If you remember, forget,  or never knew) Rockabilly...  Here's an introduction to the music by those that introduced it to America.  

It was (and is) fun music and I predicted more than a dozen years ago that we would get back to portable record players & vinyl records, and that we would again hear the music in the restaurants, malls, and the grocery stores.  It has happened.  And it'll keep happening! 

Come on back to World Rockabilly Coalition & bring your friends, & I'll see you at the next "Sock Hop".  ~Kicking Eagle 
Gene Vincent pioneered rock n' roll & rockabilly 
and is recognized in both Halls of Fame. 
 If you mention his name, the next thought is usually 
You might remember "Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps"
When JERRY LEE LEWIS is on stage....


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Presented To
Gene Summers
At The Rockabilly Reunion
Waco, Texas

In recognition & appreciation of a lifetime of contributions to
the entertainment industry and rockabilly music through
songwriting, publishing, and performances worldwide.

Presented by
December 6, 2003

Hear  Gene Summers' 
"Big Blue Diamond"
Kicking Eagle and Gene Summers
Gene Summers, Rockabilly Legend
Wanda Jackson
Sonny "Rockin' Daddy" Fisher... 

A ROCKABILLY LEGEND was born at Chandler, Texas in 1930, but his mother didn't record the birth until a year later.  His official birthdate is November 13, 1931.  He grew up in Tacoma, Washington, but later returned to Houston, Texas.

"Sonny" Fisher listened to Hank Williams, Roy Acuff, Ernest Tubb and other country singers of the time, and his dad was a singer and guitar player.  It was natural that he follow the country music path.  He formed a band around 1951 that included drummer Darrell Newsome, bassist Leonard Curry, and electric guitarist Joey Long.  After seeing Elvis in 1954 at the Texas Korral in Houston, Sonny added Rhythm & Blues to their set.  Then he called the band The Rocking  Boys and went Rockablly. In 1955 he signed with Starday Records and cut "Rocking Daddy" and seven other songs.

Many of America's recording artists were either drafted or enlisted in the military.  The records they had cut received little or no promotion, and not many were pressed.  The music continued to be played on the air for awhile, but not enough.    

Sonny Fisher had retired (or thought he had) in 1965 from his rockin' career.  But the music was revived in Europe in the late 1970's.  Rockabilly was hot.  In 1979 Ted Carroll and Ray Topping, founders of the British record company, Ace reached Sonny at his home in Crosby, Texas outside of Lubbock. Rockabilly was the rage in Europe, and they financed Fisher's first tour of the U.K. and reissued his eight Starday sides on a very successful 10" LP titled Texas Rockabilly.  Over time he became known as "The Wild Man From Texas" and kept rockin'.  He hadn't changed much over the past 25 years and he moved across the stage as though time had stood still.  The Wild Man From Texas was a hit!

Sonny was the father of seven children, and he raised his grandson, Danny Fisher.  He had a home on the San Jacinto River in Texas but the river had a habit of overflowing.  Tropical Depression Allison devastated southeast Texas in June of 2001.  It destroyed his home and he sold the property.

Sonny Fisher died October 8, 2005 was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame on August 5, 2015.
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Gene Summers ~ "School of Rock And  Roll"

Rockabilly Legends "Alton &  Jimmy"  

On Stage at the Overton Park Shell, Memphis, Tn. during the induction of Rick Nelson into the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame October 11, 2003
Brenda Lee